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keith keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 7 17:03:43 UTC 2010

>>>>>>  "keith" == keith  <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> writes:
> keith> I was told by a board member that charisma is what you need  
> to move
> keith> things forward around here. Apparently, neither Edgar nor I  
> have that
> keith> charisma, and Andreas does. Scary stuff for I thought was a  
> technical
> keith> forum.
> And indeed, one quality of a leader is an ability to express  
> yourself in a way
> that can be understood and inspires others to action.  We'll call that
> "charisma" for short.
> And frankly, by that standard, Keith doesn't have that.  He may be  
> technically
> strong, but without the ability to inspire others to take aligned  
> actions, he
> isn't a leader.  Hint: it takes more carrots than sticks.

So you moved the goal posts.

Once upon a time, it was considered a requirement for the board to  
read a proposal and consider it on its technical merits. The board,  
being older and wiser would lend its "charisma" to those who had the  
technical know how. The one thing you could bank on was that the board  
would not interfere unduly.

Now at least everyone knows that if you do not have the required  
charisma, you are wasting your time. The role of the board should be  
to enable and facilitate people to flourish to the best of their  
ability whatever their personal appeal.

I do not think you have any knowledge of my actual real-life  
leadership abilities whatsoever, the medium of email is very limiting  
in that respect.

Providing a confrontational situation in which people are placed  
against each other by default is not helpful. The board explicitly  
chose to make this current situation, because the actions it took  
ensured that the bad outcome was inevitable. This was neither  
leadership nor charisma it was stupidity.

Randal, put quite frankly I regard you as a bully, and given that your  
remit on the board was to deliver a re-licenced squeak image, I think  
it is about time the community called your bluff. How many methods in  
the re-licenced image will have your initials on them?

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