[squeak-dev] Updated trunk image (Squeak3.11-9622-alpha.zip)

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Sun Mar 7 17:19:04 UTC 2010

>>>>> "keith" == keith  <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

keith> Randal, put quite frankly I regard you as a bully, and given that your
keith> remit on the board was to deliver a re-licenced squeak image, I think
keith> it is about time the community called your bluff. How many methods in
keith> the re-licenced image will have your initials on them?

None, because I was not required to rewrite any methods. The relicensed
image is very close... could even be out before the election.

Therefore, mission accomplished, as proposed.  Next?

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