[squeak-dev] [Election] ...is soon upon us! Last day info

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2005 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 06:43:53 UTC 2010

On 3/13/10 12:40 AM, "Levente Uzonyi" <leves at elte.hu> wrote:

> Combine this with a) and you'll find that Squeak is being developed by
> a group of elite hackers. Sounds impressive. ;)

Not only by elite hackers.
By elite hackers with own agenda and none coordination.

> or just send the changesets and someone will do the integration if
> it turns out to be useful.

My memory is worst each day...
In which part of any of mails about trunk said such thing?
My agenda is just this, bring back old plain .cs and continue using current
trunk procedure.

> create changesets from the mczs
I have such mechanisms working in SL3dot11, the updates folder in
Experiments contains and as soon some repair the add server and the added
named server could be used I put a updated version of below code into the

!Utilities class methodsFor: 'fetching updates' stamp: 'edc 6/10/2009
    "Utilities slUpdates"
    | previousHighest server dir count sourceFile fileName pos x |
    previousHighest := SystemVersion current highestUpdate.
    server := ServerDirectory serverNamed: 'SL'.
    dir := server directoryNamed: 'SLupdates'.
    count := 0.
    dir entries
        select: [:c |
            x := c name initialIntegerOrNil.
                ifNil: [x := 0].
            x > previousHighest]
        thenCollect: [:any |
            (any name endsWith: '.sqz')
                ifTrue: [fileName := any name.
                    pos := fileName findString: '.sqz'.
                    fileName := fileName copyFrom: 1 to: pos - 1.
                    sourceFile := HTTPLoader default retrieveContentsFor:
'ftp.squeak.org/various_images/SqueakLight//SLupdates/' , any name.
                    sourceFile := RWBinaryOrTextStream with: sourceFile
content unzipped]
                ifFalse: [sourceFile := RWBinaryOrTextStream with: (dir
getFileNamed: any name) contents.
                    sourceFile reset.
                    self saveUpdate: sourceFile onFile: any name].
            ChangeSorter newChangesFromStream: sourceFile named: any name.
            count := count + 1].
    PopUpMenu inform: count asString , ' new update file(s) processed.'.
    SystemVersion current registerUpdate: ChangeSorter
    SmalltalkImage current aboutThisSystem.! !


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