[squeak-dev] Squeak5.2 save morph / load morph from file

Philip Bernhart philip.bernhart at posteo.de
Sat Jan 12 22:28:21 UTC 2019


I have the annoyance of not being able to load a saved
morph from a file within squeak5.2-18229-64bit-201810190412-Linux
which also applies to squeak5.1-16549-64bit-201608171728-Linux.

The morph I want to load is a book morph and other morphs seem
to be restorable.

When I try to load it it fails with a positional stream error,
with my humble debugging skills I tried to investigate it but
failed in finding the cause.

I attached the file which makes the problems, maybe someone
with more skills can find the cause. It was originally generated
within a fresh squeak5.1-18229-64bit-201810190412-Linux image.


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