[Squeakland] [ENH] eToys: new turnToward command

diegogomezdeck at consultar.com diegogomezdeck at consultar.com
Fri Aug 8 18:15:59 PDT 2003


Attached is a changeset with a new etoy-command named #turnForward.  In
Bob's SuperSwiki you can find a project (including this changeset) with an
example of use of the new command (

Tested in 3.5final and 3.6beta.

Enjoy it!


Change Set:		eToys-TurnToward-dgd
Date:			8 August 2003
Author:			Diego Gomez Deck <DiegoGomezDeck at ConsultAr.com>

New eToy command named #turnToward in category motion was added.  The
behavior is simple: the receiver will turn in the direction of the given


- Basically the behavior in #moveToward: was refactorized.
- The translation template and the Spanish translation are updated.

To Check:

- The former #moveToward: command was suppressed when the eToyFriendly
preference was set.  The new command is also suppressed in this situation
but the goal of the decision is not clear.

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