[Squeakland] Launching squeak

Bert Freudenberg bert at isg.cs.uni-magdeburg.de
Thu Jun 26 23:24:54 PDT 2003

That is not the intended behaviour, double-clicking an image file 
should suffice. Somehow the Squeak image is not registered properly 
with the Finder. Is Squeak listed when you option-click the image icon 
and choose "Open with ..."? If yes, you can arrange to always open 
images with the Squeak VM in the file properties panel. Otherwise, you 
could try to install a newer VM (it will still work with an older 

-- Bert

Am Donnerstag, 26.06.03 um 21:28 Uhr schrieb Stephen Bunker:

> I'm using Mac OS X (ver. 10.2.6) on an iBook and running/emulating 
> System 9 in the background. When I double click the "Squeak3.4.image" 
> icon I get the following in a system 9 dialogue window:
> "Disk copy will not run on this kind of Macintosh since certain 
> required support is not provided"
> Apparently it is trying to launch my system 9 copy of Disk Copy.
> When I double click the "Squeak 3.4.0Beta2" icon I get a system X 
> "Open" window that asks me to find the document that should be opened. 
> Both the image and the VM are in the same folder/directory.
> Thanks for your help
> sb
>> What happens when you just double click the image icon? This should 
>> work just like any other Mac app (where the image plays the role of 
>> the "document").
>> Cheers,
>> Alan
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>> At 11:26 AM -0500 6/26/03, Stephen Bunker wrote:
>>> I'm looking for a simpler way of launching Squeak. Presently I'm 
>>> dragging the the icon for the squeak image (Squeak3.4.image) to the 
>>> Squeak Virtual Machine icon (Squeak 3.4.0Beta2).
>>> I'm using a Mac so if I wish I could write an AppleScript app to do 
>>> it but I'm wondering if there is an easier way. Yes, I have tried to 
>>> double click both icons listed above and it is more work than 
>>> dragging and dropping.
>>> sb
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