[Squeakland] sketch's color

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Jun 23 10:03:18 PDT 2005

Randy -

> Andreas,  When I go to save/publish your project, I'm prompted with "Would
> you like to include all the changes in the change set as part of this
> publishing operation?".  I'm still a newbie regarding change sets in Squeak,
> so can you/someone educate me on what happens if I say "Yes" to this?  Will
> my underlying Squeak image change - and no longer be equivalent to the
> Squeakland download?

Yes, you need to yes, and no, the image is no longer equivalent to the 
Squeakland download. Like I said there is more magic than meets the eye 
in this project.

   - Andreas

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