[SqNOS] SqueakNOS @ ESUG & SqueakNOS @ OLPC

Gerardo Richarte gera at corest.com
Mon Sep 1 21:34:57 UTC 2008


you may be surprised to get an email on this list after, may be, two
years, but there's been some news in the SqueakNOS front... I hope you
are still interested.

On one side, we've presented at ESUG 2008
(http://www.esug.org/Conferences/2008/) they've asked me the
presentation material, but it's not still online. In any case, it was a
bootable presentation, which you can download from the normal source
(follow links from: http://people.squeakfoundation.org/person/gera/).

Another very interesting news, is that at the ESUG conference we've got
our hands in an OLPC, and we've managed to boot SqueakNOS on the OLPC
(with help from Mitch Bradley). This has also been released, and can be
downloaded following the previous link.

The people at the conference where very interested in the project, and
this is a big help and may boost the project a little bit forward.
Hopefully we'll get some time to work on more stuff, we are currently
trying to have USB and SD card support, what we'll put us a little step
closer to persistency.

    Let's see where this new energy wave takes us :)


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