Mail Client in Squeak

Randy Siler rsiler at
Thu Jul 2 00:08:01 UTC 1998


Thanks for the reply

>If you'd like to collaborate, I could code the SMTP/POP3 interface for
>sending and receiving email and you could code the UI portion.

That sounds pretty great! I'm not sure that I'm up to it--I've never
written anything big in Smalltalk and I don't know anything about Morphic
or even know if it is far enough along--but I'm sure interested in thinking
a lot more about it and trying to decide about the feasibility.

I think I have a really good feel for what a great emailer would feel
like--I'm just not so sure that I can pull off the implementation. I guess
I need to jump in and see how hard it is to do something.

I will take a look at the RFC you pointed to just to get a rough idea of
what the interface looks like.


Randy Siler

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