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Mon Jul 13 14:43:15 UTC 1998

At 23:05 -0400 6/26/98, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:
>Dan Ingalls wrote:
>Since I can't seem to find a copy of that book through my libary, I'd be
>_real_ happy if you could post that info...
>> The implementation of blocks was pretty much the same as ST-80, but I
>>fixed a couple of problems in ST-80.  If you can get hold of it, there's
>>a chapter in the "Green Book" (Smalltalk-80:  Bits of History, Words of
>>Advice) that I wrote with a summary of what changed in each generation
>>from ST-72-74-76-78-80.
>>         - Dan

I just read this thread, so sorry to jump in so late.

The Green Book is often available from Powell's in Portland. THey carry new
and used technical books.

If you don't have a copy you should; it's full of neat papers on the
'early' years of -80.

There is also a quite long paper in the second History of Programming
Languages book from Addison-Wesley on the history of Smalltalk by Alan Kay.
It has examples of -72 as well. This book should still be in print. (1995?)

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