ASCII code

Alessandro Manunza manunza at
Fri Jul 24 07:50:34 UTC 1998

Hi Squeakers,
	I have some problems with the ASCII code of Squeak 2.0

Try a 'print it' of this:

	| file a|

	file _ StandardFileStream newFileNamed:'ascii.txt'.
	1 to: 256 do:[ :i|
		file nextPut:(Character characterTable at: i)].
	file close.

	file _ StandardFileStream fileNamed: 'ascii.txt'.
	file reset.
	a _ file contentsOfEntireFile.

And after this,try to read the 'ascii.txt' file with BlockNotes(Win95).

If you compare the content of BlockNotes to the content of a, you will find
a big difference.

How can I avoid this difference and all the consequent problems?

Thanks for your help


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