Set author initials -> Recall my initials!

Dan Ingalls DanI at
Tue Jun 23 03:36:33 UTC 1998

Andres -

>But something strange happens. Although I copy the image and the changes, 
>each time I transfer the image from one machine to another, Squeak drops my 
>initials on the floor (ie, I have to retype them). Why is this strange 

I put this feature in.  Several of us work together, and occasionally one of us stores out an image and we all begin to work in that world.  It the originator forgets to zap his initials, then everyone's changes continue to get marked with his initials, until the others gradually realize what is going on.

I'm not proud of the mechanism -- if you have a better idea, I'm open to it.  I thought of having a personality file on disk, but I was reluctant to complicate Squeak's environment too much.

	- Dan

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