Updates for today

Dan Ingalls DanI at wdi.disney.com
Thu May 28 22:25:50 UTC 1998

Install basic (via morph menu) facility for relabelling SystemWindows

Defines 'go back' in morphic world menu (you'll have to make new ones) to mean return to the project from which you came (whether parent or not).  If you want to get back to the parent, use the 'jump to...' command and choose the parent item.

Four handy edit commands...
Ctl-U	Convert linefeeds to carriage returns in selection - useful for some FTP sites
Ctl-X	Force selection to lowercase
Ctl-Y	Force selection to uppercase
Ctl-Z	Capitalize all words in selection

ChangeSet fileOut -- use 'asFileName' rather than 'truncateTo: 27'.
    Allows preserving longer change set names on systems that support it.
FileList fileAllIn -- open the file using 'readOnlyFileNamed:' rather
    than 'oldFileNamed:'. Allows the filing-in of read-only files.
FileList updateFileList -- set the fileName to nil. Allows the file list menu
    to revert to the 'noFileSelectedMenu:'.
Debugger selection -- two fixes unearthed from an old change set.
Class comments -- ability to fileIn the form written by a changeList

Two fixes requested by Ian Piumarta:
    Provide a context menu for the Transcript and Workspaces in Morphic.
    Make reframing of ProjectViews work right.
Plus a couple of others...
    Enables the volume menu in FileLists in morphic.
    Makes primitive string display (as in 'abc' displayAt: 0 at 0) be black on white.
        [It had been black on transparent and all black in 16 bits.
        Very hard to read the primitive debugger then!]

Causes the directory contents to re-sort as well as the file list
    if you don't have any file selected.

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