cassiopeia e-11

Stefan Matthias Aust sma at
Tue Oct 27 21:08:43 UTC 1998

>Is anybody using squeak on a cassiopeia e-10 or 11? If so, can they
>advise on whether or not it makes a practical squeak platform?

>[...] Obviously, this would be easier
>on a machine with a keyboard and a larger screen but would it be
>_practical_ on the E-11?

Well, just evaluate

   Display fillWhite; setExtent: 240 at 320.
   ScheduledControllers restore

and try it out yourself :-)  The main memory (8MB) of the E-11 should be
enough for Squeak. I'm not sure about the processing speed however.  The
usable screen is very limited, but I can imagine a slightly different IDE,
which could use the screen space more efficient and which would use only
one mouse button (that is just the pen) instead of three different buttons.
You could also probably reduce the font size a bit.  I think, it can work.

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