Thoughts for development from a lurker

Steve Dekorte steve at
Wed Oct 7 21:08:04 UTC 1998

"Ken G. Brown" <kbrown at> wrote:
> ... There
> have been cases where companies have gotten into trouble when trying to do
> everything themselves. Computervison was at one time a big leader in CAD
> but fell behind since they decided at first to stick with their own
> proprietary hardware, where others such as Intergraph piggybacked on DEC
> hardware developments (seeing what has happened to DEC, maybe this isn't
> such a great example!).  I see some similarities with Squeak. 

So if it was a mistake for Computervision to tie their software
too tightly to a specific (in this case their own) hardware platform,
would it also be a mistake to tie Squeak to particular platform UIs?


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