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Tim Rowledge rowledge at
Fri Aug 13 16:19:28 UTC 1999

> Ideas:
> 1: How about a VM that optionally handles compressed images/ changes /
> souces files etc.? Compressing mechanisms could be coded in a few 100
> kb, and it could reduce your Squeak directory with a few Mb.
The changes/sources can very simply be handled in the image code - Digitalk
used a sources file format that tokenized common words I think. You could
probably halve the file size. It might be bettert keep the changes
plaintext though in order to keep the tools simpler?
The image needs to be handled in the VM/OS level; on my Acorn (and I think
on PCs with the right version of WinZIP) you can run the image out of a zip
archive without any problem. In fact on Acorn it works even with the
sources, VM etc in the zip. :-) Some years ago at PPS, Dan Lanovaz did some
nicely writtenup experiments with adding LWZ compression to the image
load/save and concluded thatthe load/save time was barely affected because
it reduced the disc activity by almost as much as it increased the cpu
time. Particularly good for network saving of course.
> 2: I'd /love/ to see Squeak ported to Amiga. But I get scared of the big
> sources. Can anybody tell me from his experience how much trouble it is,
> and where I should look at?
Porting is fairly simple. Look at the porting notes on the
swiki. I am working on modularising the VM so that it can be even simpler.
> 3: How about a Squeak newsgroup? This mailinglist is so active!
NO! newsgroups are spam magnets unless you require registration and login.


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