Problem with PWS and Squeak2.5

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Thu Aug 26 11:08:38 UTC 1999

I just tested PWS with a G3 Powerbook on Squeak 2.5.  I was able to serve
files and to run a Swiki.  Perhaps a platform specific problem in


>Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing a crash
>when they try to run PWS in the 2.5 release. I have
>tried it with the Solaris binary and with the Win95
>binary. I had downloaded the Win95 2.4d version at
>home (I'm not sure of the letter, it may have been
>2.4c) and it has no problems running PWS. The gdb
>backtrace on Solaris looks like this:
>#0  0x53f54 in socketValueOf ()
>#1  0x4d258 in primitiveSocketListenOnPort ()
>#2  0x4b3ac in primitiveResponse ()
>#3  0x36ae0 in interpret ()
>#4  0x62dd4 in main ()
>I played with Squeak 1.2 over the Christmas Holidays a
>year or two ago so I'm not a total newbie but I am
>incredibly impressed at how far Squeak has
>evolved since then. And it's all thanks to the Swiki
>code that I was reminded to check into it again.
>Thanks to all,
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