Current Status of Edited Volume - NEED REVIEWERS!

Mark Guzdial guzdial at
Sun Mar 5 19:00:11 UTC 2000

The Edited Volume on Squeak is gaining momentum.  Below are the 
chapters currently posted on 
Several more chapters are expected in the coming week or two.  The 
chapters are fascinating.  For those interested in technical details, 
several of the chapters explain or introduce ideas in Squeak that I 
haven't read elsewhere.  For those interested in broader vision, a 
couple of these chapters spell out how Squeak can make a real impact.

We are still looking for reviewers -- we're really hoping that the 
Squeak community will help in reviewing these chapters.  We promise 
grateful acknowledgement in the book to all our reviewers.



Alice in a Squeak Wonderland, by Jeff Pierce of Carnegie-Mellon U.

MathMorphs: An Environment for Learning and Doing Math, by Luciano 
Notarfrancesco and Leandro Caniglia of UBA.

Extending MathMorphs with Function Plotting, by Andres Valloud of UBA.

Music and Sound Processing in Squeak Using Siren, by Stephen Pope of 
U. California at Santa Barbara.

Thinking (yet again) About Computer Environments for Learning: Squeak 
as an Environment for Learning, by John Steinmetz.

Future of Squeak by Dan Shafer of WeTalk Network.
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