[Morphic][BUG?][Drag&Drop] mouseLeaveDragging events occure too many and these at wrong times

Stephan Rudlof sr at evolgo.de
Sun Mar 26 19:47:46 UTC 2000

Dear Squeakers,

I have problems with mouseLeaveDragging events. They occure one time to
often and then much to late.

To explain the problem I have attached a small changeset.

- open a Transcript,
- file the changeset in and
- 'do'
	 DAndDAlignmentMorph2 new openInWorld
What you'll see is a DAndDAlignmentMorph2 containing two column of
squares. Each of these columns is a DAndDAlignmentMorph. Nothing
complicated here.

After that
- click on one of the squares,
- move the mouse just a little bit,
- release the button,
- move the hand to any other window,
- and click.

You'll see in the Transcript a reported
related to one of the DAndDAlignmentMorphs which we have left long time

This seems to be a bug for me.

What goes wrong here?

Any help is welcome,


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