"The future of Squeak"

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Sat Mar 11 17:57:43 UTC 2000

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> Stefan --
> I agree completely. To Dan Shafer's credit, he has just suggested this as
> first draft of many, and would very much like to have input from the rest
> of the Squeak list. 

I've just started reading it (and I won't finish until I get my *own*
chapter done! I promise!), but this thought immediately leapt to mind. In
stead of "*The* Future of Squeak" it was really about *A* Future of Squeak.
Indeed, it would be cool to have *Some* Futures of Squeak, though I'm not
much for futures trading (bu-bump chik).

(Pointless psycho-autobiography: This occured to me because I've been
thinking about John Rawls' book, "A Theory of Justice", where he spend a
good bit of effort explaining the conditions under which his theory and
conception of justice are meant to apply and to provide understanding.)

Personally, I would be interested in some of the "Past and Lost" Futures,
like the interval project.

(Although, of course, much of that is appearing in other futures, thanks to
the hard work of the folks involved!)

(One *very* cool thing is that a lot of some futures of Squeak is to be part
of other systems! PWS was ported to two or three other Smalltalks and served
as the inspiration for WikiWorks, *and* spurred, IMHO, a renaissance of
Smalltalk servers, *and* an explosion of Smalltalk Wikiing, and....

er...I 'll go back to my chapter now ;))

Bijan Parsia.

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