[updates] 80 new ones for 3.1alpha [FETCH OK NOW]

John Hinsley jhinsley at telinco.co.uk
Sun Jun 24 03:17:02 UTC 2001

Dan Ingalls wrote:
> --
> Folks -
> I have just forwarded 80 updates from the last month to the servers for 3.1 alpha.  These include various features and fixes in just about every corner of the system.  The inconsistent ordering has been fixed, so downloading should work with no problem.

Mmmmm. Trying to update from 4081 I get the first 4 or 5 changesets
without problem, then just the hourglass for approx 5 minutes (at which
point I recon something's broke and crash myself out of Squeak). 

I can't get a squeak from the European server.

This at 0400 BST (when more or less everyone in North America is tucked
up in bed).



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