mac carbon VM 3.8.14b3 pending

John M McIntosh johnmci at
Wed Nov 22 07:57:51 UTC 2006

I've posted a 3.8.14b5 VM and browser plugin to my idisk for testing.

First I will note I did not yet add the clip logic for the browser  
plugin to fix issues with it overlaying browser scroll bars.
However I did fix the mouse down position issues, the modifiers for  
keystrokes not being correct, and the issue what to do
if the parent browser crashes and how do we terminate the orphaned VM  
with thanks to Juergen Gmeiner for pointing out the getppid solution.

3.8.14b5	Alter browser logic
		npsqueak.c  	add some more debugging prints

		sqMacMain.c	change version number and UUID

		sqMacNSPluginUILogic2.c	More debug printing, also get correct mouse  
and modifer key state when we
				 have a keystroke event.

		sqMacUIEventsUniversal.c	Get browser mouse position via remembering  
fake carbon events to avoid
				doing the get/setPort and GetMousePoint() 1984 logic.  Add the  
				logic which checks every 6.66 seconds if the parent process (the  
browser) is running, if not then
				we ask the VM to quit. This suggestion by Juergen Gmeiner ensures  
the VM does not become an
				orphaned process if the browser crashes.

3.8.14b4 had limited release.

John M. McIntosh <johnmci at>
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.

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