Box-Admins Team Report for May, 2007

subbukk subbukk at
Thu Jun 7 07:27:57 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 06 June 2007 8:01 pm, Ken Causey wrote:
> The services being hosted have continued to grow and include (but are
> not limited to):

Thank you and your team for all the efforts you put into keeping the sites up. 
It is really amazing that such a small team has been able to manage so many 
sites and resources.

Before the web, programmers worked primarily with newsgroups/mailing lists and 
used ftp sites for large files (and stuff like FAQs). Monthly and quarterly 
updates about FAQ and new releases served to bring newbies upto speed. It 
worked fine even for those of us who were not online all the time.

With Squeak, I see a lot of duplication in function between the lists and 
mantis.  The community comes alive in squeak-dev and beginners mailing lists. 
Bugs get discussed in mailing lists for confirmation before being posted to 
mantis. Many tentative fixes get circulated outside of mantis. The bugs site 
does organize reports, owners and patches by releases. It is much easier to 
find the list of resolved issues on a per-release basis. On the other hand, I 
saw 1 issue resolved for 3.8 and 12 issues resolved for 3.9. Given such small 
numbers and the fact that the list is read much more than updated, the squeak 
wiki/ftp site would have served as well.

Would consolidation help?

Just a suggestion .. Subbu

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