Specifications for the sound recorder program & a low memory image for a Mac, a long request...

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Mon Jun 18 15:06:15 UTC 2007

Well I *think* Squeak 3.8.9beta7 was the last os-9 based VM. It might  
run under os-7.5.5 which was the earliest OS tested, mind 7.6.1 was a  
bit better.
Personally I found os-9.x way more stable but I'm not sure if this is  
an option for you.

You should look at the 3.8.x Release Nodes.rtf via
and decide which VM version might be best for you.

On Jun 18, 2007, at 6:07 AM, Russell N Hyer wrote:

> Dear the developers on this squeak list,
> I have a desire to learn about the inner workings of the sound
> recorder program that lives inside a squeak image. However, owing to
> rot and poor maintenance of my ancient collection of Apple Macs, I am
> almost forced to do my work on my PowerBook Duo with 4MB of RAM.
> Because of this requirement, I am looking for a pre-shrunken image
> with that application in to tinker with. Because of the age of the Mac
> I am looking for an adequate squeak app to interpret it from (needn't
> be the latest) - but even though the new squeak VMs support ancient
> Mac too (I've run it on 7.6, my Duo runs Mac 7.1 and has large (or is
> that: low) memory problems (=4MB).
> The task I have in mind is to morph the sound recorder program from an
> entity that saves the resultant audio data somewhere to something that
> operates on a sound input source in memory and takes action
> appropriately based on the audio "data stream" being fed to it. [1].
> Naturally, my Duo might cause me some more headaches, but I look
> forward to meeting them head on (so to speak :)).
> Thanks,
> R N Hyer
> -- 
> Diploma: English Law with German
> University of Kent
> [1] If you know of an application that comes closer to the description
> I need - and lives inside a squeak image - and is not the sound
> recorder program - then feel free to tell me that it has already been
> invented. (Or at least the major part of what I am seeking to do...)

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