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Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Wed Jan 11 19:05:32 UTC 2012

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Even so, i think there's a very windows-centric thing going on that need 
not exist. might be wrong of course.

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> Sure.  Baloon3D is tightly tied to the VM, and is creating the OpenGL
> rendering context (and attaching it the NSWindow, etc) directly on the
> C side.  Igor's approach is to do this all from the image side, and he
> just ran into the reality that you need to know the whole render stack
> on Mac OS X to do this (NSWindow, NSView, and OpenGL context).  (I
> don't mean to put words into Igor's mouth, but his approach is
> consistent across issues and he has been up front about wanting to
> move things to the image.)
> Nick
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