[squeak-dev] swiki source suited to recent Squeaks

Levente Uzonyi leves at caesar.elte.hu
Tue Aug 6 02:37:07 UTC 2019

On Mon, 5 Aug 2019, tim Rowledge wrote:

> Well after trying to look into the sources delivered from the code.google page with no luck I found the SqueakSource repository version. That seems to have loaded ok but references a class XMLString that I have had no success in finding and is of course Undeclared. Anyone know where it can be found?

That's why Xtreams should be loaded via Metacello, so that all 
dependencies are loaded along with it.
Metacello will load monty's version of XML-Parser, which contains the 
XMLString class (which is still not backwards compatible, so if you 
need XML for anything else, then you'll have to write a new actor to 
generate html, but the parser will still be fine as-is).
Here's how to do that:

1. Install Metacello from the Docking Bar's Tools menu's Metacello entry
2. Evaluate (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfXtreams) project bleedingEdge load


P.S.: The actual problem is that people had started to make projects Pharo 
compatible on squeaksource, often by breaking Squeak compatibility (e.g. 
SmaCC, and partially Xtreams), and later moved on to smalltalkhub/github, 
leaving the broken (from both Squeak's and Pharo's POV) code rot on 

>> On 2019-08-04, at 7:48 PM, Levente Uzonyi <leves at caesar.elte.hu> wrote:
>> Actually, the SmaCC runtime (SmaCC package) still loads. It's just that the dev tools package (SmaCCDev) needs some changes to be up-to-date.
>> So, if you have an existing SmaCC-based parser, it probably still works.
>> The Xtreams-Parsing package has PEGWikiGenerator, which converts some wiki syntax to xhtml. It uses monty's XML parser, which is a highly extended version of XML-Parser, but it's not backwards compatible with Squeak's version. It loads cleanly into the image, and its 5000+ tests all pass.
>> If you don't use the XML-Parser package, loading Xtreams with Metacello will cause no problems for you.
>> Another option, as you wrote, is to create a Squeak-compatible PEGActor to generate the html. It should be fairly easy using the PEGWikiGenerator class.
>> Levente
>> On Sun, 4 Aug 2019, Chris Cunnington wrote:
>>> SmaCC doesn’t load into Squeak anymore. As Levente’s post a few back said, the parser to have is in Xtreams. It has a PEG parser with a wiki grammar. You need to  write an Actor subclass for it. [1] The VW package comes with Actor subclass examples (i.e. PEG.WikiGenerator). 
>>> Chris 
>>> [1] https://code.google.com/archive/p/xtreams/wikis/Parsing.wiki
>>>      On Aug 4, 2019, at 8:33 PM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
>>>      On 2019-08-04, at 5:30 PM, tim Rowledge <tim at rowledge.org> wrote:
>>>      So far I've found a lot of big projects that need huge looking piles of infrastructure and mostly Pharo. I'd like something a bit lighter.
>>> [snip]
>>> Oh, foo; forgot to mention having found an old pointer in ss3 (from 5 years ago!)-
>>> (Installer ss3)
>>> project: 'SqueakServices';
>>> install: 'Swiki'.
>>> ... but it isn't there any more and I couldn't find anything that looked like it.
>>> tim
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