[squeak-dev] Squeak and Sound

Bruce O'Neel bruce.oneel at pckswarms.ch
Tue Jan 12 09:42:17 UTC 2021

Ok so I ran this on Linux Mint 20.1, VM source as of 2021/01/09.  Works but little pops.  
I get the same exact sound behavior on my Mac running Catalina, VM from 2020/11/09 that was prebuilt.  
In both cases this image is Squeak 5.3 as shipped.  
I'm not a piano player, but, what I vaguly remember as middle C does not seem to be middle C and the lower third of the keyboard seems silent though probably because the frequency is too low.  
Starting from the left the third octave C is the first C I can hear.  The D next to it I can hear, the E next I randomly hear or not.  Hitting it quickly gives clicks.  Hitting it and waiting is more sucessful but not 100%.    
If this an analog system or an organ it would feel that some capacitor was not charging right or the air pressure was low.    

> > On 2021-01-11, at 3:03 AM, Bruce O'Neel wrote:  
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>  > Hi,  
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>  > I just installed Mint 20.1, which is based on the most recent Ubuntu, on a x86-64 system ran  
>  >  
>  > apt install libpulse-dev  
>  >  
>  > and then built the VM at the git HEAD, and unlike before sound works perfectly. This is with a 5.3 image.  
>  >  
>  > Off to try this on my PI 400...  
>  I'll be very interested in your report. Sound on the latest PI OS with pulse works just fine for almost all cases BUT do try the pianokeyboardmorph and zip up and down the keyboard. The short notes with negligible time gap between each and the next seems to really mess things up.  
>  tim  
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>  tim Rowledge; tim at rowledge.org; http://www.rowledge.org/tim  
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