[squeak-dev] GalaxyObject Scenario - remote wiring in promise pipelining during ephemeral 3rd party promise relocation and chaining.

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Sat Oct 22 17:30:51 UTC 2022

Carrying on…

In this slide we see the little #whenMoreResolved: in Carol has hit r1 and now p1 points to r2 to the message continuation in Bob. Due to r1 no longer being referenced a GCAnswer is sent to Alice to let her know r1 is no longer referenced.

I’ve just realized that my table description may be wrong…sigh. As a GCAnswer is sent for r1, then the Burgundy/Pink tables must be Questions/Answers. Answers would be Pink and outgoing ref and GCAnswer cleans that entry. I’ll take a closer look in a minute…

Ok! As the resolver for r1 is no longer referenced in Alice, a GCExport is sent to Carol to cleanup the entry in Carol’s Exports table. So Exports must be Yellow.

Yes I was all turned around. My apologies to those trying to follow. This makes much more sense semantically.

    Exports & Answers are Outz
    Imports & Questions are Inz

———- Scope tables ———-
- Exports (Yellow)
- Answers (Pink)
- Imports (Orange)
- Questions (Burgundy)

Have a good one; keep it, light.
Kindly, langohr . .. … ‘…^,^ 🐇🐇🐇

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