Scroll events

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Fri Mar 18 18:17:49 UTC 2005

> Also didn't get an answer to:
> "So how do we know that the unicode value 0xB4 coming up from the VM on  
> a keydown is a character or a VK_LAUNCH_MAIL key request?"

I didn't understand the question. First off, who is "we" (e.g., how do 
"we" know) in the above? If you mean the user, then the answer is that 
either we agree on the codes generated by the VM (such as the X11 key 
sym defs) or that we will translate to a common code in the image (we 
could translate into symbols, too, such as #LaunchMailKey). If you mean 
the image, then it will most likely (assuming no common keys) by a table 
stored with (C)Platform default translating the thing appropriately.

"how do we know that a value on a keyDown is a character or a key" - is 
this correct english? (or Canadian ;-) I'm not sure I understand that. 
It is by *definition* that KeyDown events describe *keys* and not 
characters. Therefore there can be no question about this: keyDown 
events must *always* be interpreted as keys and *never* as characters.

   - Andreas

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