[Vm-dev] VM segmentation fault on NetNameResolverclass>nameForAddress:timeout:

barger barger at barnet.sk
Sun Oct 29 06:11:06 UTC 2006

Thanks, my faul. I will try mentioned subversion repository, because it
seems that it was just missing required SocketPlugin, not build from web
sources file.


You should be able to build with the most up to date sources from the
Subversion repository at squeak.vm.org, along with the latest VMMaker
on SqueakMap.

I don't know the cause of the problem that you are seeing, but you
can probably get a better idea of what is going wrong by running your
VM under a debugger. If it turns out to be something specifically
related to 64-bitness, there is now a "Squeak 64 bit" category on
Mantis for tracking such things.


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