[Seaside] Re: Image shutdown/startup on demand

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Tue Sep 19 18:28:13 UTC 2006

William Harford wrote:
> This image will start up when needed and shut down after is  has been 
> used. I can see the advantages of doing it this way  especially if you 
> are using the image for persistence.
> How are people doing this? Apache, Apache+PHP/Perl/Ruby, Squeak?  
> Ideally I would like to see it done in Squeak with a Seaside front- 
> end.

There's Avi's approach outlined here:


> What are some of the disadvantages of doing it this way. Some of the  
> obvious ones I see are keeping all this images up to date and you  could 
> actually use more of the machines memory if lots of the images  are up 
> and running at the same time.

What do you mean by "keeping all the images up to date"?
I thought you had in mind one image per application (or more
than one application), for all users of that application.
Are you thinking of one image per user?

> It would be nice if front end allowed you to set up prototype images,  
> maintain images, and show the status of the images. Are there any  
> prebuilt solutions out there that do this (preferably free and  running 
> on Squeak)? If not how much interest is there in something  like this. 
> It looks like this might be a path I want to pursue.

It's probably an important piece of infrastructure to have,
once people deploy more than a single image or application,
increase their user base, or upgrade application versions.
It's not yet a priority for me, but I've been keeping it in mind.
I wouldn't mind trying out some ideas.

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